Tuesday, April 13, 2010

UKM KL Masters starts tomorrow


The first ever UKM KL Masters will start tomorrow (13th April) and ends on 19 April 2010 at UKM, Bangi.

The Maststers tournament is co-sponsored and organised by UKM  for the KLCA (Kuala Lumpur Chess Association) and supported by MCF (Malaysian Chess Federation).

The Players:-

Rk Title Name Fed Rating
1 GM Iuldashev Saidali UZB 2511
2 IM Tirto INA 2402
3 FM Chan Nicholas MAS 2398
4 IM Situru Nathanael INA 2358
5   Thakur Akash IND 2355
6   Ankit R. Rajpara IND 2334
7 FM Fernandez Daniel SIN 2299
8 FM Yee Soon Wei BRU 2209
9   Nirav Y Rajasuba IND 2183
10   Mohamed Abdul Haq MAS 2057

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