Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Picture Gallery of KL Open 2010

Here are a few selected pictures of some chess players in the KL Open 2010 today, 7th April 2010. (Apologies for the mistake on the picture for our top seed GM Mchedishvili earlier.)
 GMyanaMelnikova-russia     GMmchedishviliMikheil
Pix 1. WGM Melnikova Yana   Pix 2. GM Mchedishvili Mikheil, Georgia.

IMjimmyLiew  GMhouYifan
Pix 3. IM Jimmy Liew         Pix 4. GM Hou Yifan
GMIuldashevSaidali  FMdeRamosJuliusJosephZ
Pix 5. GM Iuldashev Saidali   Pix 6. De Ramos Julius Joseph Z

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