Sunday, April 11, 2010

Round 8 Results, KL Open 2010

Here are the confirmatory round 8 results of the Kuala Lumpur Open 2010 held at the Olympic Sports Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, this afternoon 11th April 2010.
Hou Yifan is the only player with the seven points entering the ninth round. The other players who have six points include Nguyen Anh Dung, Megaranto Susanto (picture above), Irwanto Saidikin, Iuldashev Saidali, Murshed Saidali, Mchedishvili Mikheil.
Other takes of the tournament: FM Nicholas Chan lost his game, IM Jimmy Liew lost his afternoon game, Yeoh Li Tian also lost his, Ronnie Lim won his game against WFM Mitali Madhukar Patil, WGM Melnikova lost, GM Ziaur Rahman won, Ismail Ahmad won his, Mohd Nabil lost, Capel Evan Timothy drew, Najib Wahab lost, Nur Najiha lost, Abdul Haq drew his game, Nik Ahmad Farouqi drew with fellow Malaysian Rosli Ahmad Afiq Afyfy, Alfred Ting lost, Marcus Yeoh won, Nur Nabila lost, Razali Hamzah lost.

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