Tuesday, April 13, 2010

KL Open 2010 is over – Players depart for airport


The bus arrives at KL Sentral station where you can catch the express train to KLIA (about 30 minutes journey).
GM Saidali gets off the bus that took him from the Olympic Hotel (KL Open playing venue) and takes down one luggage .


Meanwhile, GM Marat also gets off the bus.


Both Saidali and Marat are close friends. They travel to most tournaments together.
However today, they are not leaving for the airport together. Only Marat is heading to KLIA.

Saidali, on the other hand, is staying back.

  image image

That’s because GM Saidali has yet another chess event to participate in. It’s the UKM Masters which is a round robin event consisting of 10 participants.

One of Malaysia’s strongest players, Dr FM Nicholas Chan will be taking part with the aim of securing his first IM norm. Nicholas failed to get an IM norm in the KL Open but came within a hair's breath of achieving it. He played a few 1900+ players in the open which killed his performance rating. He needed a performance rating minimum of 2450 but he only achieved 2411. He met the other requirements of playing 5 titled players.

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